Using Local Resources to Transform Lives

About Us

We are empowering talented women by providing markets for their hand woven products so they can live on sustainable income for their families and experience holistic transformation.

 60% of our profits go back to the Philippines and our artisan communities. Visit the SORA Products shop to help us keep our artisans weaving!

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Holiday Collection

Holiday Collection

“Celebrate this special time of the year with a gift that gives back from our new Holiday Collection of upcycled wallets, clutches, cross body purses, and totes.” All one of a kind, sustainable, and empowering a woman!


Our Weavers
People & Purpose


Greetings, I am a wife to four children. I was able to finish my Education degree and now I am working on a small online business because of my savings from SORA. Thank you for aiding in the future goals for my family.”


“Hi, I am married with two young children. My husband was sick with tuberculosis and couldn’t work because of his illness. My wallet making provided for our daily living expenses and husband’s medicine. Thank you.


“Hello, I am also a wife and mother of eight children. Due to the virus, my husband hasn’t had reliable work and we want to take especially good care of my second daughter who has special needs. I am grateful for the SORA family.”