A trip to the Philippines in 2014 changed Amy’s life forever. She learned about a group of women that were weaving products out of single serving drink packages to help provide income for their families. When she heard their story and learned that they didn’t have a local market for their products she was compelled to help. SORA Products was established in 2015, giving these talented artisans a market for the beautiful products they create.

By providing a market for their products, these marginalized women are now making a fair wage for their craft. It is giving them enough income to help provide for their children’s basic needs, plus family medical, education, and home improvement income.

You can be a part of impacting even more women's lives by purchasing SORA Products or helping us find creative ways of selling SORA Products near you. We can’t end poverty or save the world, but we can invest in a single family, and for them, that is their entire world. Contact us with suggestions, market leads, or purchase inquiries. We can’t wait to hear from you!