Our SORA Weavers
People & Purpose


“Greetings, I am a wife and mother of one. My husband is a taxi driver and my work with SORA Products has begun to supplement his income. I grew up doing carpentry with my father and I still enjoy doing this work when I am not making SORA wallets. Thank you so much.”


“Hello I am a high school student who is the 6th of 8 children. I live with my grandparents for much of my life while my parents and older siblings tried to make a life in the city. I work hard at school and love to read and dance. My work with SORA helps me pay for my education expenses.


“Hi, I am also a wife and mother of four living children and one deceased. My husband suffers from arthritis and working during COVID-19 has been challenging. Fortunately, my income savings from SORA has helped pay for his expenses. In my free time, I enjoy cooking and gardening. “