Purpose & People

the back story

Our Purpose

It was on trip to the Philippines where Amy met a group of women who were weaving wallets and purses out of recycled wrappers such as single serve coffee, coco and tea packets collected from local businesses and government buildings. She was impressed with the quality craftsmanship & innovative design of the products. When Amy heard their story and learned that they didn’t have a local market for their products she was compelled to help.


Our Trade

In 2015, SORA products was formed in partnership with two Filipina friends. SORA products is a Chicago Fair Trade local business which provides the market for these women and those in two other communities in the Philippines who are all now making a fair wage for their craft. It is giving them enough income to help provide for their children’s basic needs, plus family medical, education, & home improvement income.


Get Involved

We are seeing these talented womens’ lives transformed by the opportunity to bring their products to the marketplace. We thank you for your interest in this important business venture. However, there are many more families that need our help. You can make this growth a reality by buying a SORA product or helping us find creative ways of selling SORA products near you.


Artisan Corner


Greetings, I am a wife and mother of one. My husband is a taxi driver and my work with SORA Products has begun to supplement his income. I grew up doing carpentry with my father and I still enjoy doing this work when I am not making SORA wallets. Thank you for your support, it truly means so much.”


Hello I am a high school student who is the 6th of 8 children. I live with my grandparents for much of my life while my parents and older siblings tried to make a life in the city. I work hard at school and love to read and dance. My work with SORA helps me pay for my education.


Hi, I am a wife and mother of four living children and one deceased. My husband suffers from arthritis and working during COVID-19 has been challenging. Fortunately, my income savings from SORA has helped pay for his expenses. In my free time, I enjoy cooking and gardening outside.


Greetings, I am a wife to four chidlren. I was able to finish my Education degree and now I am working on creating a small online business because of my savings from SORA Products. Thank you for aiding in my future savings.”


Hi, I am a single woman who lives with my younger sister. My work with SORA helped meet my family’s need when my mother was sick. I am thankful for the opportunity to make wallets and purses. In my free time, I enjoy vegetable gardening.


Hello, I am a wife and mother of eight children. Due to the virus, my husband hasn’t had reliable work and we want to take especially good care of my second daughter who has special needs. With the help of SORA, we have taken care of her.


Greetings, I am a wife and mother of three small children. Similar to other Filipino women, I attended some college, but I discontinued once I married. SORA has helped my husband and I pay house bills and purchase food. We are very grateful for this opportunity.”


“I am a young mother of three who grew up as the sixth of seven children. While I reached my 3rd year at a nursing college, I was unable to complete her degree because I decided to marry. However, I work as an entrepreneur by selling goods on the side.


Hi, as a wife and mother of five, my work with SORA supplements my small sari-sari store and my husband’s tricycle driving. We are currently saving for our children’s schooling. With SORA, there are so many more opportunities that have become a part of my life.


Hello I am a wife and mother of one. My husband is a taxi driver and my work with SORA has made my life more flexible with responsibilities at home, especially since my husband hasn’t had much work lately. I grew up in the carpentry world with my father, so it is nice to use my hands again. Thank your for purchasing our SORA products. “


“I am a wife and mother of three. My husband and I have been working hard to pay for our living expenses, especially since he has had no work during the pandemic. So my SORA income has helped us a great deal. Before the pandemic, I used this income to pay rent for our home, save a little for our future, and start a small store. A fun fact about me, I enjoy cooking and sewing.